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MuscleTech naNOx9


The Immediate Pump-Inducing Effects of Nanoparticulation Technology*

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Nanoparticulation is the process of reducing the size of a compound for lightning-fast absorption. Collaborating with Team MuscleTech, the leading experts in nanoparticulation used pneumatic and jet milling systems (the very same ones used by leading pharmaceutical companies) to reduce a precise portion of the active compound in

naNOx9 to a size that is up to 7400% smaller than the arginine found in regular nitric oxide products. To achieve nanoparticulation status, the active compound in naNOx9 is verified using laser light scattering analysis. Unlike regular nitric oxide products that take too long to show results, the key components in naNOx9 are designed to enter the bloodstream extremely fast. This rapid absorption triggers anabolic musclebuilding effects for out-of-this-world gains. We guarantee you will never experience pumps as fast and as powerful as you will with naNOx9.*




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