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Negative NO Xplode Reviews

Disappointing Mass Stack
I just recently started taking BSN's infamous mass stack, I just wanted to share with everyone how disappointed i was with their NO-Explode, I have tried other pre-workout supplements such as GNC nitro-explosion (which is supposedly their version of NO-explode), nitro explosion was much better and you only had to use 1 or 2 scoops at the most but with No-

explode I need to mix at least 3 scoops to get a somewhat similar effect. As for the rest of the stack including and Cell Mass I am pretty happy.

- Bonk 22

NO Xplode is Crap
The crap is worthless IMO but I've heard it has worked for some I actually got all those effects NO-Xplode claims and then some with Swole v2 and paid less.

- CurlyCadys - Only $31.95 Now!

Allergies with BSN NO Explode
This stuff really set off my allergies. Do not use this if you cannot tolerate caffeine. It does make you want to workout harder though. But for me i had bloating and shooting pains in my intestinal tract for the first 24 hours after i took it. That night I couldn't fall asleep until 5 am. The next morning i had to take a day off from work because my left abdomen was in severe pain. Caveat Emptor.

- James

Eat Instead!
NO2 sucks, got nothing from it. You spend more time planning when to take it, then you would spend on your meal timing.

- Anabolic Freak

No Results
I used it as it was suppose to be taken, but saw no results. I only took it for about a week, but stopped because I saw nothing. You can find better results from other supplements than NO-Xplode.

- Jake

Nothing with BSN NO Explode
Keep in mind that each man's review is subjective/biased, and my experience with this product doesn't necessarily mirror everyone else's. I received a 'sample' of no-xplode from a local retailer, so this review is after only one experience with this product. The directions require that it be used on an empty stomach 30-45 mins. prior to workout. For me, big problem. I usually have a protein shake with NF milk, banana, oats, and whey before my workout. Now I see just how effective that was. Today's workout on a stomach full of nothing but no-explode absolutely sucked ass! No strength at all! My usual pump was even less! I was plenty cracked out, but not in a 'heightened-synapse/ mind-muscle connected' way. My mind felt over-stimmed and anxious, but my body had no strength! Like I said, you may do fine on an empty stomach, but for me, breakfast is far more effective. I have BN's CEE, CM and AAKG powders on the way. I will experiment with those for way less $$$. But for me, food is number 1!

- Tim

Not the Newcomer
Not a newcomer to lifting/supplements.  I tried the stuff and the first day was intense, but that was it, I have not experienced the same effect as the first day. I suggest that if you have never tried this before, then purchase it from GNC, yeah yeah, it'll be expensive, but you can bring it back within 30 days with receipt.  After you get your money back, then go and get Superpump 250, same thing; only stronger. All of this stuff is hype, the main ingredient is hard work and dedication. Peace. I think that's enough time to see if it works.

-Charles - No Xplode only $31.95 Now!



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