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Positive NO Xplode Reviews

6 Months after No Xplode
I have been taking NO Xplode on and off for the last 6 months. I notice a big difference when I am off the supplement. The difference is in the pump. I don't feel the same way in my muscles as I do with it. I will continue to use BSN's NO Xplode until another supplement comes along that works better for me.

I am thinking about stacking it with Nitrix and possibly Cell Mass for an even better effect.
- Jeff - Now Only $31.50 - Buy NO Xplode with a 30 day return policy.
Good in the End
I'm sure everyone's sayin it's just another no-xplode review, but here it i anyway. i didn't really think that it worked quite the way it was advertised. i first took it, i didn't feel anythin, not till bout 2 hours after my workout. and it felt like i was on a red bull overdose. i thought my heart was gonna explode. after that day i started to feel it a little more, but it was like it took a couple days for it to kick in. but after it did it was great. there were days i had to force myself to leave the gym. but then it seemed like it started to wear off. the pumps weren't quite as strong, but i still had them, and the mental focus was still there. in fact...the mental focus was insane. i had no problem stayin with my workout when i was at the gym, but i thought i was goin crazy for a couple days. all in all i would say that this is a pretty good product. oh...and the flavor was really good, i got the orange citrus ice and it was pretty good.
- DrunkinGunner
The Beginner of BSN NO Explode
I am a beginner to the weight lifting community at 24. I started weight lifting after I looked at a picture of myself and I was totally unhappy. I started working out for about 2 weeks and I had no urge to push myself. I even felt very unmotivated because I was new and no one at the gym would help me out really. So i went down to GNC and the store clerk recommended NO-Xplode. I made jokes about being as big as the guy in the bottle at first. I started out taking about 1 scoop 45 minutes before workouts. Now a month and a half later I actually get some respect in the gym. This product helps me stay focused and gives my muscles plenty of stamina. Even after I am done working out my muscles feel like putty but my mind says pump. I do as the label says and drink at a minimum 100oz of water per day. I have gained 10lbs and lost 3% of my body fat in only 6 weeks. No side effects yet I am almost done with the first tub. Also I recommend CellMass also these product work well together. I hope this helps the beginners choose there supplement. - Now Only $31.50 - Buy NO Xplode with a 30 day return policy.
- Osan

The BSN NO Xplode Starter
Ok well today (Friday) I just started taking No-Xplode. Well it definately gives you energy. However I don't recommend taking it on a completely empty stomach, try eating something like an hour or so before you take it because I didn't have anything since last night and it made me jittery as all hell. Also I was able to blast through the first few sets with little effort but after that I kinda lost it, I'm assuming it's because I had no food at all in my stomach though. So Monday I'll give it a try again hopefully with better results. My arms definately feel more shot than usual even though I couldn't go as hard as I wanted to so I guess it's doing something. As for the taste I got the fruit punch and it's actually pretty good. Just don't expect it to look like red gatorade, it was much murkier kind of like deoxygenated (I think) blood.

- Big Red

Veteran of Bodybuilding Supplements & NO Explode
It's always good to know, that when you use NO explode you can count on awesome results, in and after your workout! nothing like not being able to pull your headphones out, because you have so much blood pumped into your arms after a workout! great product, no side effects (thus far) would highly recommend!

- Dave

Nitric Oxide for Energy
I been using No xplode, cellmass, glutamine sr, muscle milk for about 3 weeks now oh yeah and of course Whey Protein.. I deffinately notice alot of energy from the No xplode but I haven't noticed any considerable mass gains from it to this point. I do all my measuring the 1st of the month so i'll have a more calculated view on these sups after March 1st.. But I love the energy I get from the NO xplode. I think it's worth trying.

- Power Plant

NO Xplode like Steroids
no-explode really works i blew up so much that people thought i was on on steriods  it gave me the best pump before i went to work out out i mean i was literally screaming from excitement i suggest people to try it!!!!

- Pysco Clown

Amazing Pumps
I just started to work out around a month ago. I found that NO-Explode helps, a lot! MY pumps were great and I wanted to work out. Although I do have a sensitive stomach and I get cramps afterwards and have to piss a lot, but it's worth it besides those side effects. I also stack with Nitrix.

- Ricky

Use it Right!
I have tried alot of stuff in the past, but this stuff makes you more focused, pumped and stronger than anything I ever tried. I just take it before I work out and NOT on my off day. I dont care what the directions say. I only stick to 2 scoops, that is more than plenty for anyone, they recommend more because they want you to buy more. Take on an empty stomach and just drink plenty of water during your workout and you will have no problems. People that experience side effects take to much and take it with food in there stomach which defeats the purpose of taking it. After the workout if you eat a meal then the effects immediately go away which is a huge plus for me. Just take 2 scoops only before you are about to work out on an empty stomach and after the workout drink some protein and EAT SOMETHING and this will provide amazing results with no side effects.


Stacking NO Explode & Nitrix
I just recently bought the mass stack kit from BSN all i wanted was the nitrix but it came with samples for cell mass and NOXPLODE i thought hey what the hell so i mixed only half of the packet in a dasani bottle i was going to meet my buddy at the gym at around 5:45 after i got off work i read the instructions and it said it may take between 15 and 45min to feel the effects so i took it at 5:10 at 5:20 i couldnt stop moving i left work early just to get to the gym as fast as i could i was dressed and ready in the weight room at 5:35 i drove like a maniac just so i could get there faster this stuff almost makes you feel like your on something its crazy i did like 50 pushups and whole bunch of dips before my friend even got there i was so focused on what i was doing at the same time though and the pump i got from it was amazing and my veins were sticking out farther than they ever had it was the best training experience i have ever had and this was just a sample serving so in my eyes it would be worth the money to buy the whole jug i pretty sure you would get ripped im stacking nitrix, Anavol, and serious mass and i have gained 8lbs in 2 weeks so i pretty sure if you took NOXplode in place of Nitrix you would probably gain a lot more than that.

- Wade - Now Only $31.50 - Buy NO Xplode with a 30 day return policy.

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